NFL Stat of the Day [UPDATED]

Kid Dynamite has his favorite.

Mine is this:  According to yesterday's broadcast team, Joe Flacco has the all-time NFL record for postseason away-game wins.*  Can you guess the number?


How is this possible?  He's embarking on his third season in the league.  How can he have the most all-time anything in the NFL?!  And how on earth is it possible that no other quarterback in history has won more than FOUR games on the road in the postseason!?

My second favorite stat from the same broadcast:  the Ravens defense forced seven turnovers and allowed seven points.  What's the record for this turnover-to-points-allowed parity?  I can't imagine it could be much higher.

*UPDATE:  I forwarded this post to KD, who helpfully pointed out that Sanchez has four such wins; and USA Today confirms that there are five QBs who have reached this mark. I'd still love to know the record for highest points/turnovers parity number.