Spadiohead II

A friend warned me that some sort of Hipster Mafia may be lobbing a brick through my window for making fun of Thom Yorke. He compared it to expressing doubts in Spring 2008 about Obama's ability to preside over the country.

But it turns out others have noticed the same thing I mentioned and have (presumably) not received retributive responses from Radiohead fans. Yet.

The truth is, I've always considered Thom to be an "oddly handsome man." This is the exact phrase I've used for years. Are we OK now, hipsters?

Incidentally, I Googled "spadiohead" so see if I'd coined a new term. Note Google's estimate of the number of results:  "About 2."  Note also the actual number of results:  Exactly 3. This really undermines my faith in Google's whole enterprise. Are they using "very large values of 2" in their algorithm, and if so what are the implications of this practice?