Toddler Mode for iOS

Chris Blattman linked to this gizmo recently, and it got me thinking again about how badly iOS needs a "Toddler Mode."

The current "Restrictions" controls are premised on the idea that the device belongs primarily or entirely to someone for whom you want to limit access in a semi-permanent way.  And once you finish adjusting all 16 of the restrict-able options, you'd better stick with those settings for awhile, because disabling Restrictions, reverts all settings back to their default.

It should take no more than 15 seconds to go from "Daddy, can I draw on your iPad?" to fully locked-down Toddler Mode.

I'm looking for something simple like what Peter Merholz suggested awhile back.  I would add that once you're in Toddler Mode, a triple-tap of the Home button should bring up your standard 4-digit PIN interface, allowing you to return to normal mode immediately (i.e., you don't have to navigate back to the Settings page to turn it off).

I guess I'll take this opportunity to re-iterate my only previous iOS feature request:  triple-tapping the "Screen Lock" button should set the device to immediately require a PIN (as opposed to waiting 5 minutes as I currently have mine set).  This would be my default behavior on holidays and vacations immediately before setting down my iPad to go to the bathroom.  We could call it "Nosy Niece Mode."  Not that my nieces are nosy, but alliteration trumps accuracy here.