In Memoriam: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

I have nothing personal to add to all the remembrances of Steve Jobs, so I'm collecting links to others' thoughts and reflections for future reference. I will update and appended this post as new stories emerge.

Notable videos, some of which are referenced in one or more of the items below, are: Steve's Stanford University commencement address, Steve's iPhone announcement, a version of the "Crazy Ones" TV spot that never aired, narrated by Steve, and (one of my personal favorites) Steve's presentation to the Cupertino City Council concerning the proposed new Apple headquarters. The authoritative video collection can be found at Devour. had the first of the best story and quote collections, from which I get several of the links below. came in a little later, but their tribute is more artfully presented.

As with just about everything he does, Randall Munroe (whose artwork sits atop this post) is sublime. Be sure to visit the picture at Randall's site, though, because the hover-over text is the most pitch-perfect, succinct tribute you will see.

Also visually brilliant is Jonathan Mak (at right).

The Jobs family's statement

NYTimes' Steve Jobs Obituary

Time Magazine's Steve Jobs Obituary

Time also stopped the presses (literally) on this week's issue in order to transform it into a Steve Jobs Tribute, complete with a preview of Walter Isaacson's upcoming biography.'s Steve Jobs Obituary, and their collection of his best quotes

The Onion - predictably poignant, hilarious, and profane

Tim Cook

Bill Gates

Barack Obama

Warren Buffett

Mark Zuckerberg

Sean Parker

Disney President Bob Iger

California Governor Edmund Brown

Michael Dell

Walt Mossberg

John Gruber's initial post, and then his expanded personal reflections.

Jason Kottke
(Who had the balls to just come out and write what I'm sure many people said upon hearing the news.)

Neven Mrgan

Marco Arment

Brian Lam, who was a central figure in the lost/stolen iPhone 4 debacle.

Dan Frommer

Jim Dalrymple

John Siracusa

Michael Sippey

Larry Page

Sergey Brin

Eric Schmidt
Neighbors in Palo Alto, including Lisen Stromberg

CNN video retrospective of Steve's career

Steve Jobs under oath, as recorded in a 100+ page deposition in 2008. A rare look into the way his mind works, in a very unusual context.