Salad Bar Arbitrage Update

I think I've finally beaten the salad bar. At $5.99/lb., here's my winning lunch recipe:
  • Lots (ideally, half a pound or more) of field greens and baby spinach for nutrient density, plus a little romaine for crunch. The romaine is probably my least profitable choice in the Green Leafy Vegetable section, so I don't add much. This should go without saying, but iceberg lettuce is for fools and horses.
  • As many blueberries and blackberries as I can eat in one sitting.
  • A little bit of quinoa salad (quinoa, roasted corn, tomato, black beans, and I think a little sesame oil), which may eat into my profit margin, but it gives the greens some flavor. It's like a nutrient-dense substitute for dressing and it adds some protein to boot.
That's it. I recently measured out a sample salad, and here's the breakdown:

Greens: 0.4 lbs. ($7-9/lb. retail, if you buy it by the tub)
Quinoa: 0.1 lbs. (let's say it would be $4/lb. if they sold it at the deli)
Blackberries: 0.25 lbs. ($11.40/lb. in the produce aisle today, which seems higher than normal)
Blueberries: 0.25 lbs. ($14.51/lb. today, which is simply ridiculous)

My total cost at the salad bar was $6 vs. $10.07 in the produce aisle, for a 40% savings. Plus! the convenience of grab-and-go without the minor hassle of leftovers.

Win-win. Or, the victimless salad.

On a related note (and in "why didn't I think of that?" news), there's a company that arbitrages gift cards; and they just got bought for an undisclosed sum (read: "a skillion dollars") by the company that stocks all your favorite gift cards in all your favorite stores. You know - the display case where you grab last-minute gifts for second-tier friends and relatives.