Happy Black Friday!

Sometimes someone sums up your thoughts on something so well, even if you never took the time to think the thoughts yourself:
Thanksgiving is a one [sic] of our better ideas. We, theoretically, reflect on how fortunate we are to have what we have. The day after Thanksgiving would be a great day to start thinking how we might start addressing wrongs perpetuated on anybody trampled in the process of putting together the comfort and security we are so thankful for. Instead, we’ve turned it into a symbolic date for acquiring shinier objects in anticipation of how we can best miss the point of our next major holiday. Perhaps worse, it infects Thanksgiving itself, turning the holiday into, effectively, a paean to culinary gluttony in preparation for commercial gluttony.
It's almost as if, after gorging ourselves on Gratitude and Gravy one day, we have to shake off the hangover by declaring unequivocally that too much is simply not enough.

And by we, of course, I mean other people.