Shame Brand

This is hilarious:
Microsoft on Thursday opened its first East coast store at the Tysons Corner mall in McLean, Virgnia.[…]
The opening also carried an unintentional irony for Microsoft, since it revealed in a photo that the DJ hired to entertain the waiting line was using a Mac. Microsoft had him cover the back of his MacBook Pro with a "Microsoft Store" sheet.
Every now and then I'll see someone, usually a teen- or college-aged person, at a coffee shop or an airport with an Apple sticker slapped on the lid of their Dell laptop to cover logo. I don't know who they're fooling; and I can't imagine how fragile their sense of self-worth must be if this charade boosts it by any measurable amount.

In telling friends about such sightings, I've predicted that you'll never see an Apple computer with a Dell or Windows sticker covering its logo; but I never took this scenario into account. How could I have been so blind?

via The Loop.