Get Rich Quick!

Follow the Louis C.K. model, and you too can get rich in five easy steps:
  1. Have a talent. Preferably a marketable one. 
  2. Work really hard, within an established industry, for a long time and become famous based on your talent. Ideally, become one of the best people around at doing what you do. 
  3. Use your own money* to put on a show that exhibits your talent, essentially by-passing the established industry that helped make you famous. 
  4. Sell that show to a lot of people in a really short period of time. Sell it cheap, because your costs are relatively low and they're all sunk
  5. Profit! 
It remains to be seen whether this will be the catalyst for disrupting the media industry's existing business model as Dan Frommer (and others, I'm sure) have suggested, but it's an interesting experiment and I'm happy for Louis C.K. My guess is that this will do no more to put HBO and Comedy Central out of business than Radiohead did to drive record companies into obsolescence.

UPDATE: Louis C.K. took questions on reddit recently, and the exchange is well worth reading. (Caution: between the questions, answers, and comments, there's a 100% chance of adult themes.)

*This model assumes you've already been getting rich slowly for awhile, and therefore have your own money. If this assumption is false, then you might need another model.