Nice Job, Einstein

Fascinating account of the self-proclaimed Prohibition Agent #1, by Karen Abbott at the Smithsonian Magazine:
Izzy and Moe proved just as savvy as their targets, busting an average of 100 joints per week, Moe always playing the straight man to Izzy's clown. One night the duo, dressed as tuxedo-clad violinists, sauntered into a Manhattan cabaret, sat down and asked a waiter for some "real stuff." The waiter consulted with the proprietor, who thought he recognized the musicians as performers from a nightclub down the street.

"Hello, Jake," he called to Izzy. "Glad to see you. Enjoyed your music many a time." He told the waiter to serve the musicians anything they wanted.

Moments later, the proprietor approached their table and asked if they might play "something by Strauss" for the room.
“No,” Izzy replied, “but I’ll play you the ‘Revenue Agent’s March.’” He flashed his badge, and the proprietor suffered a heart attack on the spot.