Super Grover

Say what you will about the power-brokers of the right, but is anyone on the left willing to offer such wry and self-effacing participation in a farce like this?

Scandalous Photos Reveal Grover Norquist Carried On Secret Affair With Taxes For Years
Norquist's alleged improprieties come in the wake of similar scandals that have plagued the Republican Party, most notably last week's discovery of a laptop belonging to Newt Gingrich that contained thousands of raunchy big government videos.
There's even a press conference, in which Norquist confesses to a broad range of daliances:
…and in 2010, at the height of my misconduct, while in Paris, I strongly flirted with a European-style Value-Added Tax.
I've always admired Grover's wit and well-honed sense of humor, but never more so than now.

Also: has The Onion produced anything else like this, starring a real public figure playing him/herself? If so, I missed it.