What to Watch

An alternate subtitle to this site could be Hey, look at that!, and yet I've never made any TV show recommendations. I just assume that I watch most of the stuff other people watch, and I don't watch the stuff that other people don't watch. But then I go away with some friends for New Years and discover that they've never seen an episode of my current favorite show. 

If you already TiVo everything NBC airs on Thursday nights (but stop when Whitney comes on), along with Modern Family, Happy Endings, and New Girl, here are two more shows you may like:
Party Down: a short-lived, but hilarious, show that takes place behind the scenes of a Hollywood catering company. The cast is built around Adam Scott (the new guy in Parks and Rec who isn't Rob Lowe), and Lizzy Caplan, but there are also bigger stars with smaller roles and smaller stars making substantial contributions. All episodes are streaming on Netflix. Stand-outs include "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday," which may finally erase any lingering memories you have of the Police Academy or Three Men and a Baby franchises, and "Cole Landry's Draft Day." 
The League: ostensibly about five dudes in a fantasy football league, but as one of the actors (was it Paul Scheer?) said to Conan O'Brien, "you don't have to like fantasy football to get into this show, you just have to hate your friends." The entire cast is quite good, but Jon LaJoie stands out as holy-crap-where-has-this-guy-been-all-his-life? good. An attorney friend of mine called Nick Kroll a more convincing lawyer than any real lawyer she knows.
As a middle-class white male age 25-40, I'm probably legally obligated to have an opinion on The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad; but the truth is I've never seen a single episode of any of these three shows. This admission may nullify the recommendations I've just made, which is why I left it for the end of the post.