Dog Locker Update

I've received a few notes from readers concerning last month's post on the Scandinavian Dog Lockers (is that what "hundförvaring" means?). I can't vouch for my correspondents' authority on the subject, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because their names sound sufficiently Nordic.

Here's what I've learned:
  1. The original post to which I linked was written in Swedish, although the Dog Lockers are found on Norwegian sidewalks. In Oslo, to be exact.
  2. They are Dog Lockers.
  3. Many people commented on the Swedish website, registering their contempt for the storing of canines in lockers. Evidently, threatening e-mails were also sent.
  4. I've never been so glad that I don't allow comments on my site.
  5. According to a stateside Swede who translated one Norwegian commenter's remarks for me, the cages have cooling fans, and they get automatically sanitized nightly. No word on whether it's even possible to ever really sanitize the stench of dog-fear and regret out of a stainless steel crate.
  6. According to that same insightful Swede, it is not uncommon in his home country for people to leave their dog in front of a store while they're inside shopping. Incredibly, babies are not infrequently left out front as well. I presume the babies are in a stroller in such cases, not lashed to a post by a leather lead. 
So, how long until we see baby lockers on the sidewalks of Oslo? Or perhaps people are already surreptitiously stashing their tots in the Dog Lockers. Would the outrage over baby lockers be more or less than over the dogs?