Free Idea - iMac Space Heater

Detailed Schematic
I believe that the temperature of our feet has a significant impact on our core body temperature. If you're hot in the summer, try soaking your bare feet in a bowl of ice water and then see what you think of my little theory. Are you cold in the winter? Your hands may be cold, and your head may be cold, but I guarantee your feet are cold too.

This is why I lie awake at night dreaming of in-floor radiant heat. But I digress.

During my working hours, my computer blows hot air out a vent at the top, probably raising the ambient temperature of the room a few degrees. This is nice, but how hard would it be to harness this heat and blow it on my feet instead of up towards the ceiling?

I picture a clear, plastic shroud that snaps around the top corners of an iMac, like one of those vent covers your grandmother used, but much more elegant, and probably hand-extruded in Brooklyn. Perhaps magnets are involved. Combine this shroud with a length of flexible tubing, and a small USB-powered booster fan, and I think this is a winning idea. The tube snakes under the desk with the rest of the cables (and, for that matter, could serve as a cable organizer), and exits at or near the feet.

I've provided the idea and the detailed schematic. Now get to work, Internet!