Kosher Meat and Gehry

Would this be the first Frank Gehry-designed grocery store in the world?

I used to work in the building, which (if Wikipedia is correct) was one of Gehry's very first projects. You know...back when his buildings made sense to normal people? When they couldn't be confused with the wreckage left in the wake of a devastating tornado?

I've heard a lot of nightmare stories about what a hassle it is to work and mingle in some of his most celebrated recent buildings; to say nothing of how said buildings seem to have trouble coping with the immutable laws of physics. But I can offer first-hand testimony to the power of his work in those early days. There were times when I was miserable at that job, and days when I wanted to be anywhere else on earth, and then I'd step out of my office into this transcendently beautiful building and my heart would be cheered a bit. I've been much happier in other jobs, and I'm happiest now that my "job" is running a business, but I've never been more encouraged simply by being in a particular building.