Swim Suits in Feburary

You could fill a book with the First World Problems highlighted by The Sartorialist, but this one's rich even by Scott Shuman's standards:
About a year ago I did a post called Why can’t I buy gloves right now? which I’ve been thinking about lately while riding my bike in the cold to Fall shows. I talked about how the delivery of goods to fashion stores each season (like Barneys or Saks) never really seems to be at the right time. 
The problem is on cold days like these, when it’s freezing cold in February, I can’t find a pair of gloves because stores are full of swim suits and spring merchandise...
I judge the irony of this particular post by my original mis-reading of its title. At first glance, I thought it was Why Are There No Swimsuits in February. I assumed that Scott was off to some sunny island and couldn't find a stylish pair of trunks for the trip. The story wrote itself in my head: Woe betide the poor fashionista, who must depart for Turks and Caicos packing last year's board shorts! Did they even wear board shorts last year, or was that 2010? How has my life come to this!?

But the real story was just as entertaining and revealing. I maintain that he could've bought gloves on February 16, 2010 (the date of his original lament). He just couldn't have gotten the sort of profound and awe-inspiring accoutrements he was after on that particularly dreary day in Manhattan. I'd wager that his jaunt that day took him past a dozen or more folding tables heaped with the kind of machine-knit acrylic gloves, scarves, and hats that never go out of style in suburbia; he just decided he'd rather be cold and complain.

In related news, on that same cold day two winters ago, a homeless guy without gloves or a website to call his own wondered aloud to an unusually well-dressed street photographer passing by, why can't I buy lunch right now?