(Cargo) Hold Your Horses

How does a horse get to the 2012 Olympics in England? Practice. And a wide-body cargo plane.

This article has many of the details of the fascinating shipping process, but tactfully side-steps the price. I suppose the combination of Horse People + Olympic-caliber Athletes + International Travel makes for a proverbial trifecta case of "if you have to ask...you can't afford it," but still - it would've been nice if they'd given us a ballpark.

A friend of mine who dropped out of college to train horses, but never got much farther in his apprenticeship than scrubbing their haunches and withers and whatnots with warm soapy water, guessed $5-10K, but this seems low to me.

Anyone have first-hand knowledge in this matter? Drop me a line, and I'll send you a gift card for a free salt lick from Southern States.

NPR Story via Marginal Revolution.