March Madness Madness

It's that special time of year in America, where the sports-crazed go well and truly insane and the sports-ambivalent learn to at least feign an interest in college basketball. I was never a member of the former group, and find myself increasingly aligned with the latter. Last week, I wondered on several occasions (but never bothered to check) whether the NCAA tournament was starting this weekend or next. I assumed that I'd have heard about it if it were imminent, but kept thinking: heard from where? Turns out the tournament did not start last weekend, a fact that was confirmed by a female co-worker at a lunch meeting last Friday. Or, what - for all I knew until then - might've been Day Two of the Big Dance.

As one lawyer said to another in The Social Network: Cy...

All the above notwithstanding, there's a >80% chance that I'll plunk down $3.99 for this app this week on purely principled grounds. The principle in this case: If your 20-year-old self knew that your practically-40-year-old self could watch every game in the the tournament on a wafer-thin screen he held in one hand, for less than $4, how could you let your younger self down by not doing it?