Truth in Advertising

"Just Like Church," indeed.
The Miller Family is planning to move to North Carolina this summer, so we're starting to look at real estate on the Internet. There's no shortage of exaggeration in any form of advertising, of course, but it seems like real estate brochures and listings are particularly rife with it.

Perhaps the best way to counteract this tendency is to go contrarian and just tell it like it is:
A Most Unusual Property. It Looks Like The Previous Owners Had A Vision - Just Not Sure What It Was! There's Lots of Space, Fancy Deck And Pergola (With A View of Wendover Avenue), And Ginormous Space That Appears To Have Once Been A Hair Salon ["...or was it a two car garage? Hard to say!" -ed.]. And Wait Till You See The Upstairs Bathroom. Talk About Easy Access ;) Then There's The Room On The Main Floor That Has A Vaulted Ceiling And Stained Glass Window. Just Like Church!