We're All Fat II

A few comments after this clip:

  1. That olde-timey newscaster voice can make almost anything sound hilarious, even something so sad as this.
  2. I thought we were finally going to see a story about fat people that didn't involve Americans, until the pot-shot at 1:25.
  3. What was the setting of this video? As it progresses, we seem to go from a living room to a soundstage to a bizarre coliseum in which old people tease the obese with chocolate bars. Was this a thing in 1935?
  4. The child's name is Leslie Downes. I did a cursory "where is he now" search, but found nothing notable. In the process, though, I remembered a character with a similar name from a very old TMBG song, which led to an afternoon stroll down memory lane.
See also, last week's story. This is not a series.

via Kottke.