A better writer than me* could produce either a hilarious send-up or a heart-rending deconstruction of this screenshot. Here are some notes to get that writer started:
  • I'm surprised the NYTimes is still running slideshows in this genre. It seemed like they jumped the shark with their "Brooklyn Trust-Fund Hipster Distilleries"piece a couple years ago.
  • The first half of the caption reads "Ian Knauer, a food writer who lives in Brooklyn, makes soft-boiled eggs with watercress on crostini with eggs from his hens..." Assuming this wasn't written by an intern, we can trust that the verb tense was chosen judiciously. Was it Ian, then, or the caption writer, who wanted to project this subtle pretense with the present tense "makes"? As if this is his morning routine...soft-boiling eggs just-so, hand-crusting the crostini, and foraging in his backyard for some watercress; then snapping a perfectly lit photo of each plateful before devouring it. Just be honest and say he made it especially for your photographer on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • Note that this slideshow is ostensibly about the "urban farming movement" but the second half of the caption reads "...which he keeps on his family’s farm in Pennsylvania." You can't fool me with those yolks. Those are rural eggs. At best, they may be suburban. They're not part of the Movement, though!
  • Finally, I note the ad that was served up on this page: "Help the Obamas stand up for working Americans." You know, the hard-working cement truck drivers and forklift operators who barely have time to choke down their own soft-boiled eggs with watercress on crostini before they run out the door for work, let alone go online to drool over someone else's.

*Or is it "than I"? A better writer than myself would know for sure.