Every Jump

Every jump of the General Lee, taken from six seasons of vintage broadcast television (embedding disabled). How many Dodge Chargers were harmed during the Dukes of Hazzard's production run? It depends who you ask, but probably somewhere between 250 and 325(!). Or, on average, more than one per show(!!). Read the entire wikipedia page for lots more interesting information, including this bit of trivia:
LEE 1 was salvaged out of a Georgia junkyard in August 2001 by Travis Bell and Gary Schneider. The car has since been fully "restored" to its on screen appearance. It was officially unveiled to the public November 11, 2006 with John Schneider behind the wheel. It is now owned by PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson, who purchased it for $110,000 at the Barrett-Jackson automobile auction in January 2012.
via Daring Fireball.