How to Drive Your Wife Crazy

Albert Einstein was many things: mathematical genius, visionary scientist, philosopher, sartorial ne'er-do-well. Let's add another descriptor to that list: asshole

In his defense, though, Condition D is a perfectly reasonable request. And, let's be honest, Condition C.2 is just a good all-around rule for living. And what husband hasn't wanted to play the Condition B.1 card from time to time. Frankly, come to think of it, A.1-3 are pretty appealing even if they're a little sternly worded.

Wait. Maybe I'm an asshole too. I've always suspected as much, I just never realized how bad it was 'til now. Maybe Einstein was just ballsy enough to own his assholery by putting his demands in writing. Then again, ballsy assholery is not exactly the Secret to a Happy Marriage.