On Range

Pat Dryburgh, quoted in full redacted slightly:
Not long ago, I was trying so hard to sing like Ben Gibbard. Just as I had once tried so hard to sing like Dave Grohl, as I had tried so hard to sing like James Hetfield, as I had tried so hard to sing like Billie Joe Armstrong.
But they weren't in my range.
Pat's conclusion:
Your most reliable work will always be within your range. Go just a bit outside of that to show your passion and stretch yourself. But go too far beyond that and you'll be so strained that ultimately the work will suffer.
This is an elegant way of restating and illustrating the principle that Steve Jobs made famous: for everything you say "yes" to, there are innumerable things you're implicitly saying "no" to. If you want to be your best (as a company or a person), you need to learn to say "no" to a lot of seemingly good things. Then, you can apply your whole self to the best things.