RSS and the Demise of Google Reader

By now, a number of much more-qualified people have weighed in with their recommendations and reviews, so I won't try to improve on what they've said. I will offer my current setup for what it's worth, since I promised a few folks I would.

First of all, if you haven't already backed up your Google Reader data (not just imported into another service), I recommend you do so before midnight. While it's a safe bet that most of the prominent services will have the capacity to import/export for the other prominent services, it's a fact that everyone has (and will likely continue to have) a way to easily import the Google Reader data. Do it here.

My Setup
Feedly seems to be the go-to syncing engine for now, perhaps mostly because it's free, and I've been perfectly happy with it. Feed Wrangler is one to watch, but for $19/yr. I'll want to see that it offers something I really need before making the switch.

At my Mac, I'm going to tough it out with the Feedly browser interface for awhile, and see if I can grow to like it. I get distracted with all the flashy layout stuff they try to do - I need a simple linear stream of information - so I'm alternating between the Title Only View and the Magazine View.

On my iPad, I like Mr. Reader best, despite the name and the too-clever-by-half icon. It supports Feedly, and syncs really quickly (seems quicker than Google Reader was), so I have no plans to switch away. It has the best gestures and navigation, in my opinion. When I started using, it was the only one I could find that let me add feeds from the iPad, and I still find this feature very handy.

On my iPhone, I will be eagerly awaiting Reeder's support for Feedly sync. In the meantime, I will try to get used to Feedly's free iPhone app. I check RSS least often on my iPhone, so I can wait a bit here / put up with the quirks of Feedly's app.