Announcing eMailGrouper

Over the weekend I pitched an idea at Startup Weekend, and three guys teamed up with me to build the product. We're calling it eMailGrouper for now, and we're taking signups if you're interested in helping us test during Private Beta.

Our vision is simple: to simplify small-group communications, using the email address and Inbox you already have.

If you frequently email groups of people by hand-typing their addresses into the To:/CC: field, or searching your inbox for the last email you sent then hitting Reply-all (then deleting the old subject, then typing a new one, then deleting the old body message, then typing a new one, then re-adding your signature because you deleted it, then finally hitting Send), then we're going to change your life forever!

Our solution syncs across all devices, operating systems, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, etc., with no new software or Apps to install.

Simple for group owners, transparent to group members...check us out!